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What kind of project does your company fund?

We fund any kind of project irrespective of the sector / field hence the project is viable, worthwhile and meets up with our investment finance criteria we invest and make the best out of the project to ensure distinguished partnership.

What is the competitiveness of the company?

The investment and finance sector requires adequate set out capital and enormous investment strategy, That's why there are only few company's in this industrial sector of finance, It is considered that we are the most competitive company in this sector with years of experience to meet the adequate needs of our partners and clients globally on quest for funds to promote and finance their business.

What is the company's cost management on investment?

Nobleholdingssg Limited has placed importance on cost and investment fund capital control a system particularly developed to ensure clients, startup's, foreign companies utilize received investment capital adequately for the enhancement of their business brand, It is the system to monitor every process as well as to detect and eliminate waste of investment capital, Nobleholdingssg investment limited has set a high positive pace in this system to ensure all approved investment capital are utilized prudently.

What is the company's investment policy and target yearly?

Our plan is to make continuous and flowing investment yearly as to remain on the top in the investment and finance sector. Each year Nobleholdingssg investment limited will invest not less than $450,000,000.00 (Four Hundred and Fifty Million Dollars) on investment projects and business development to support companies and business brand achieve there goal.

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